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Carmel Home Inspections, LLC is a dedication to my daughter Melissa Marie Bustamante.  The name is a combination of Carlos and Melissa.  When Melissa was two, in 1998, she was taken to Colombia, South America by her mother with a direct US court order that clearly stated that she had to return to the US in 21 days. The legal process has lasted over nine years and it has become apparent that my hope of reuniting with my daughter will not bear any fruit through the Colombian courts.  After such a lengthy battles I am resolved to wait for Melissa, hoping that some day she will read these words and want to meet her father.  Melissa’s web site can be seen at this link.

Melissa’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s poster can be seen at this link.


Of the numerous legal documents, I believe that the diplomatic note # 208 on February 2001 written by the United State Embassy in Colombia, to the Colombia Foreign Ministry most accurately and eloquently summarizes the whole Melissa Case. The diplomatic note can be seen at this link.

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